We provide content strategy services for your B2B or B2C business, focusing on your customer’s journey.

A Winning Approach

Content Strategy Services Tailored For You

The right content strategy can tell your brand’s story, generate leads, convert leads to customers and deepen your customer’s connections with your brand. 

Building an effective content plan is both art and science, and we bring both–with a deep understanding of brands, content and customer journey, we maximize the impact of information and story-telling and marry this to an analytical approach that drives performance across all channels.


Content Strategy Services: How We Work

Content Blueprint
1-We Develop A Content Blueprint

Following the 3C’s model, we gather context on our client’s company, its customers and competition. We identify the optimal channels to leverage to reach each client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) as well as the ideal content formats and topics for the stages of their customer’s journey. The high-level content strategy that results is our Content Blueprint.

Content Plan
2-We Create a Comprehensive Content Plan

Based on the Content Blueprint, we develop a comprehensive content plan. We believe that every piece of content that a business creates should have a specific intention. With this in mind, we choose the best topics, keywords and content formats, with a clear focus on Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP), the buyer’s journey, and the target content distribution channels. With this bespoke content plan, clients can then build their own content or leverage our Content Production Services to get started.

Content Optimization
3-We Report (and Continuously Optimize)

When content is published, the best content strategists know that the work is actually just getting started. 
We continuously analyze content performance using best-in-class tools to identify search and social opportunities and share this information with clients. We work to interlink and continuously optimize and update our client’s content library to boost performance.

The Bread and Circuses team developed and executed on a complete content and marketing plan for our first big user acquisition push, introducing us to key partners and developing a transition plan for continued growth.

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Choose from our range of flexible pricing options that cater to your specific needs.



For newcomers to inbound marketing, including marketing managers and business owners, who have limited budgets and seek external support to foster their growth.

4 Blog Articles/Month
Keyword research
Comprehensive content plan
Uploads and editing
On-Page SEO



Suited for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are venturing into inbound marketing for the first time and require external assistance to scale their operations effectively.

6 Blog Articles/Month
Keyword research
Comprehensive content plan
Uploads and editing
On-Page SEO
Linkedin Page Management

Contact Sales

ADvanced Plan

Need something custom? Perfect for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with ambitious growth objectives in both the near and distant future.

TBD Blog Articles/Month
Keyword research
Comprehensive Content Plan
Uploads and editing
On-page SEO
Executive Ghostwriting
Linkedin Page Management
Newsletter creation and workflow setup
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