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Executive ghostwriting services that clarify and convey critical messages for your business and professional brand.

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The Executive Ghostwriting Services You Need

Often the best advocates in your company are the members of the executive team. Potential customers and investors appreciate hearing the company’s vision directly from those who have authored it.

But–founders and executives are often too busy realizing their vision to have the time to express their ideas or to advocate for their company effectively.

We provide cost and time-effective services to amplify the ideas of founders and executives, brokering PR opportunities, creating and syndicating video and executive ghostwritten thought leadership content and building and managing professional presences on social platforms like LinkedIn to help build game-changing business connections and sales leads.


Executive Ghostwriting Services: How We Work

Clarify Key Messages
1-Identifying and Clarifying Key Messages.

We gather company information and follow a structured process–working in collaboration with the executive’s team to gather and name key ideas and frame problems using language that can be used in ghostwritten articles, podcasts, videos and social posts.

Identify Key Channels
2-Creating a Cohesive Plan.

No two companies are the same, and your ideal customer or investor has different media consumption habits. We carefully plan a campaign around how your key messages will be conveyed through voice, video, and written word and how they will be distributed across channels like social media and search.

We create great content
3-Creating and Syndicating Killer Content.

We create detailed briefs that include all key messaging and relevant data to serve as a blueprint for the content. We then work with proven executive ghostwriters who specialize in the appropriate industry vertical to create executive-level content that is second to none.

The Bread and Circuses team developed and executed on a complete content and marketing plan for our first big user acquisition push, introducing us to key partners and developing a transition plan for continued growth.

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Choose from our range of flexible pricing options that cater to your specific needs.



For newcomers to inbound marketing, including marketing managers and business owners, who have limited budgets and seek external support to foster their growth.

4 Blog Articles/Month
Keyword research
Comprehensive content plan
Uploads and editing
On-Page SEO



Suited for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are venturing into inbound marketing for the first time and require external assistance to scale their operations effectively.

6 Blog Articles/Month
Keyword research
Comprehensive content plan
Uploads and editing
On-Page SEO
Linkedin Page Management

Contact Sales

ADvanced Plan

Need something custom? Perfect for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with ambitious growth objectives in both the near and distant future.

TBD Blog Articles/Month
Keyword research
Comprehensive Content Plan
Uploads and editing
On-page SEO
Executive Ghostwriting
Linkedin Page Management
Newsletter creation and workflow setup
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