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Applauz Recognition is an award-winning HR platform that helps promote employee engagement and retention through recognition and awards.

The Bread and Circuses team helped contribute to Applauz’s already robust inbound marketing and organic lead generation capabilities by developing a content strategy focused on topics of greater relevance to their ideal customers, producing engaging search-optimized content aimed at generating more qualified leads and, ultimately, more customers.  



The real business value of employee recognition is underestimated. Businesses are spending money and resources recruiting and training when they should be recognizing and retaining.

In the highly competitive space of employee recognition software, Applauz already had substantial inbound marketing capabilities and was looking to strengthen its position and create down-funnel content that better explained the business value of recognition to their ICP, and as a result, increase the volume of valuable leads generated.

Services Delivered

How we helped Applauz reach new heights…

& Planning

Developed a content strategy and plan focused on organic search and high-value topical clusters that generate actual leads–not just traffic.

Content Production & Optimization

Created outstanding blog and website content that was unique, relevant and authoritative, and continuously optimized the content library.

LinkedIn Ghostwriting

Contributed to overall LinkedIn Strategy and created compelling LinkedIn content targeting the Applauz ICP.

Some of Our Work

Content that brings results.

Employee Turnover Pillar

Long Form (Pillar Pages)


LinkedIn Post Examples

LinkedIn Posts



27% INCREASE in marketing qualified leads from organic search, quarter over quarter
27% Increase

in marketing qualified leads from organic search, quarter over quarter.

2500% GROWTH in ranked keywords, quarter over quarter
2500% Growth

in ranked keywords, quarter over quarter.

31% REDUCTION in customer acquisition costs, quarter over quarter
31% Reduction

in customer acquisition costs, quarter over quarter.

Bread and Circuses- produced content quickly became the highest-performing content on  Applauz.

Bread and Circuses-produced content quickly became the highest-performing content on  Applauz.

“Partnering with Bread and Circuses has been great for our company. Their strategic approach to content creation in our highly competitive vertical has significantly enhanced our online presence and engagement. The quality and creativity of their work have exceeded our expectations, delivering compelling content that resonates with our audience and aligns perfectly with our brand.”

Francois Fortier

Francois Fortier


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